Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Nigella

Feast: Food that Celebrates Life by Nigella Lawson.  Hardcover book published by Chatto & Windus 2004, 472 pages with colour photographs. 

Forever Summer by Nigella Lawson.  Hardcover book with pictorial boards published by Chatto & Windus 2002, 279 pages with colour photographs.

 “...Some of you may argue that he is well known, but I tell you, he ain’t Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson (one day I will write about this scary woman… I promise) or Peter Russell Clarke.”  Huc& Gabet blogspot 

I wrote the words above just over two years ago and have never forgotten my promise to write about Nigella.  The main reason I’ve never forgotten is that I’m constantly reminded of her existence due to her continued presence on the telly here in Australia.  It’s not as if I watch the box all that oft, it just seems as if when I do she’s there in all her scary glory, cooking and being the Nigella.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way of referencing watching Dr Who from “Behind the sofa in regards to Nigella.  The problem is that if you watch Dr Who from behind the sofa, you’re still watching, even though it does scare the shit out of you.  For me I get so disturbed by her that I have to turn it off.  There is no behind the sofa for me when it comes to the Nigella.  Some of you may think I’m exaggerating… there are a few of you out there that do know of my fear.  Seriously, I find her scary… disturbingly scary.  She’s probably a very nice person in real life and her food is probably wonderful, but there’s just something that doesn’t quite gel between her and me… and I’m not saying it has to, or that it should, it just doesn’t.  I’ve tried to figure out what it is and it basically comes down to her… that’s it, it’s just her. 

Regardless of my Nigellaphobia, I have been looking out for her books particularly since i realized all those years ago that I hadn’t found any for such a long long time.  And now after a completely Nigella book free two years, I find not one but two and of course I snapped them up*.   Fortunately these books don’t speak or move and I am able to relax around them.  I have wondered for quite a while why I hadn’t located some and can only guess that due to her lasting popularity and an appreciation for her food, owners of her books tend to hang on to them.  In other words, she’s popular… which is of course a very good reason for me to pick up any of her books that I might find, despite my misgivings regarding the Nigella herself. 

*There was a third… it was a paperback.  It didn’t meet the Huc & Gabet high standards regarding its condition.

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