Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marco Pierre White vs Michael Caine

I love cookbooks.  I love the promise of fantastic food cooked at home, looking spectacular and tasting even better.  Celebrity Cookbooks are even more amazing for their use of the cult of celebrity mixed and blended with the “promise”.  This book featuring a very youthful Marco Pierre White on the cover (look at that smile) and Michael Caine (is that also a cheeky grin) covers the whole gamut of food and celebrity.  Marco the bad boy of celebrity chefs and TV cooking shows (I’ve heard he has made Gordon Ramsey cry) and Michael Caine, superstar (… he probably made people cry as well) together,  the connection being that they were co-owners of Canteen (Restaurant).  This book was published in 1995 and the restaurant was still active at the time.  Apparantly those smiles didn’t last long and neither did this book.  I don’t know if it went into a second edition.  I do know that when I found it, I hadn’t heard of it…. but I have now.