Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Right Way to treat Poultry in Health and in Sickness.

The Right Way to treat Poultry in Health and in Sickness.  Paperback booklet published by The Biological Institute of Australasia (no date) Third & Revised Edition, 68 pages with some black and white illustrations and photographs. 

Regular readers of this blog are probably aware of my penchant for Chicken books and this little number is just one of the type of chicken books that I look out for.  It's definitely vintage and appears to have gone through the ringer a few times in that it is very worn.  Once again I’d like to think this is due to constant referencing due to the incredible quality of the contents.  Unfortunately I am not a chicken expert (although I do have a taste for it and on the odd occasion I have been called one) so I am unable to confirm this quality, but with an organization such as The Biological Institute of Australasia* involved, one can assume that the booklet has some merit.

I have noticed that Chicken books (and Bee books) are frequently inquired about in the second hand book trade and one such inquiry occurred quite recently whilst I was manning the shop.  After a quick and mumbled inquiry, I promptly guided the customer to our lovely collection of historical poets.  The customer looking quite blankly at the shelf for a few moments, turned to me and said, “Poultry, not Poetry”.  As embarrassing as this was, I still think it was very funny.

*The Biological Institute of Australasia pioneered veterinary medicine in Australia and was later replaced by the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories.

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