Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clunes Booktown 2013: Tuesday before.

Windows have now been cleaned and the beginnings of an outstanding window display are now in place.  Have vacuumed and I’m just waiting on the other person involved with the shop to give me his final bits and pieces and I will then begin the final tidy/straightening up.  I like a tidy shop.  I don’t like books on the floor (… sorry Paul), but this is not anything I have to worry about, as it’s not something that we normally do.  I was talking to my good friends at “Black Duck Books” here in Clunes and they are also nearly ready as indeed are the other wonderful people at “We’re All About Books” and “The Book Fossiker”.  I was talking to “The Bishop” the other day (yes we have a bonafide Bishop (retired) here in Clunes) just after he had sermonized a combined congregation of local book lovers who were seeking to give their bit to the book fair… I assume this was through prayer and general good wishes on their behalves.  Anyway, I did point out that if business is not so good this year, I know who to blame.  He did smile.

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