Friday, May 3, 2013

Clunes Booktown 2013 Friday.

Like last year, I opened the shop a day early to try and capture some of the pre booktown frenzy and not surprisingly I did manage to do this.  The theory was and still is, to accommodate those booksellers who like to peruse other booksellers stock so as to embellish their own stock and indeed the first sale of today was to a fellow bookseller… who of course asked for a discount (they didn’t get one*).  After that though everyone else was a shopper either trying to get in a day early or wanting to get an idea of what tomorrow will be like… and being one of the few premises open and ready for business, these people spent.  So today has been a good prequel to our busiest days of the year.  It will be an early start in the morning and I am ready.  Bring it on.

 A blurry photo of the shop.

* But I did indicate 10% discount was possible on purchases that total $100 or more... an offer they politely declined.

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