Wednesday, May 15, 2013

India File by Trevor Fishlock.

India File by Trevor Fishlock.  Hardcover book published by John Murray 1983, 189 pages with a few black and white photographs.


As hard as it is to believe, I haven’t read all the books I have up for sale.  I have read this one though and it’s a real cracker.  Fishlock was a journalist who had spent a bit of time in India before writing this book, with a bit of time being about three years.  It was about five years after this that I read his book … and no, I don’t remember when I read every book that I have ever read.  In 1988 I first ventured forth to the Indian subcontinent and keen to get a better grip on what I was experiencing at the time, I followed the recommendations of “the”* travel guide at the time and read Trevors book.  I loved it.  It sort of a collection of journalism, travel, history etc articles stitched together with the fabric of what makes India, India.

“It is a book of strong contrasts, written with compassion and insight, humour and frankness.”

I can’t remember all the details of the book (… though the trip is etched permanently in my brain), but I do remember that it was fairly gritty in it’s content and that it left a lasting impression on me, so much so that thirty years after it’s publication I didn’t hesitate in picking up this copy when I chanced upon it.  Realistically it’s probably a bit out of date… but India is a timeless place and the issues that were around thirty years ago are still fairly relevant today.  Maybe I should reread it… i still have my original copy.

* Lonely Planet

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