Thursday, April 18, 2013

Clunes Booktown 2013.

I’m still here… and the annual Clunes Booktown festival is still here, with this years festivities set to begin at 9am Saturday 4th of May.  This means that I am currently juggling not only my online business and the regular shop, but also the preparations for the big weekend.  Last year we* supposedly had 18,000 visitors.  I lost count after 1,000 as i was a little bit busy selling some books, so I can’t verify the exact number, what I can verify is that there was a shit load of people here in Clunes and they did buy books. 

Preparation is a tricky thing.  I already have a shop full of desirable tomes so what else do I need to prepare?  Signage is an issue that has been talked about and worked upon for the last few months and there’s still a bit of tweaking needed in this area.  A little bit of cleaning is probably appropriate and staff are on board and ready to go… or rather, as ready as they can be.  Except for enthusiasm and positive attitude, we are pretty much prepared for the onslaught… that is if there is an onslaught. 

… of course there’ll be an onslaught.  There has to be.  We are an international booktown of international standing and booklovers love books which is what you find at a booktown festival… so… you know… “build it and they will come”**… or maybe this should read “advertise it and they will come”.  To be honest I’ve been waiting 51 weeks for this weekend as it’s the one weekend when I can be fairly confident that I will sell something… anything.

So if you’re in Clunes with the massing throngs don’t forget to visit us/me at “The Everyman Bookstore” (4a Service Street) which is just around the corner from Fraser Street. 

(I hope that was all positive enough... except for the bits that weren't.  Hard sell?  Yep.)

**Popular misquote.

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