Friday, April 26, 2013

Pontiac Shop Manual 1940 Models.

Pontiac Shop Manual 1940 Models.  Paperback book published by Pontiac Motor Division General Motors Sales Corporation 1939, 222 pages with black and white photographs and illustrations.

“The information given in the shop manual covers only the 1940 Pontiac Cars.  The subjects have been discussed in the order of arrangement of the General Motors Parts Grouping System.  Each section consists of a brief description of the parts included under that group heading; complete information concerning repair operations and the specifications of the parts.” 

I’ve slowed down a bit in the purchasing of old car manuals over the last 12 months as there seems to be a bit of a slowdown of sales of old car manuals on the interwebs over the last 12 months.  I wrote about another manual a while ago and I guess my opinion has shifted slightly on the whole subject as they no longer seems to be as popular a proposition as they once were.  Why is this?  I have absolutely no idea.  Maybe there’s a glut.  Maybe my other blog post inspired you all to race out and buy car manuals and list them on ebay…  More than likely it’s just another one of those book selling on line things that is inexplicable.

Pontiac 1940.  Wow.  Despite my observations re the downturn in car manual sales, I couldn’t resist this one.  If you owned a 1940 Pontiac you would have to accessorise and lets face it, you would probably be doing your own repairs and maintenance, so what better an object to have to go with your Pontiac than an original shop manual… in all its used and worn glory.

Now for the big question.  How many 1940 Pontiacs are there still out there on the road (or in the garage)?  And how many manuals are out there?  A quick look around the interwebs shows me that there ain’t that many manuals for sale and this can only be a good thing… that is, unless of course, all the other copies have already been bought up by accessory conscious Pontiac owners.

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  1. we have a 1940 Pontiac Silver Streak, 4 door Special 6, series 25, that we drive. just bought the service manuel and book that came with the car.