Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Salad Guide for Employee Cafeterias and Other Large Food Services.

Salad Guide for Employee Cafeterias and Other Large Food Services.  Softcover (vinyl boards) spiral bound published by Department of Labour and National Service (Australia) 1971.

Lets face it, one can’t live on Hotdogs alone.  This book written (tossed together) for commercial establishments and in particular Employee Cafeterias, is a great example of the “healthy option”.  In 1971 it was obviously considered important enough by the Department of Labour and National Service to publish a book like this one. Were there really that many Employee Cafeterias back in 1971 that a book such as this was required?  This is a bizarre concept by today’s standards or maybe not.  Maybe my personal experience of Cafeteria’s is sadly lacking.  The only Cafeteria I’ve been too in recent years has been a Scandinavian establishment… that big furniture company…. you know the one… Swedish Meatballs? 

This book was designed for a very hands on approach.  The spiral binding allows the book to be easily flipped open (and stay open) and the vinyl cover and glossy pages make it quite easy to clean up any mess that may venture away from the plate. There are some great basic salad recipes at the beginning of the book, that yield 50 serves… this could be perfect for Christmas and the other salads look… well, they look like 1971.

Cheese Salad

Cottage Cheese and Fruit Salad

Fish Salad

Rock Lobster Salad

Scandinavian Salad

I find it very hard to believe that any employee cafeteria would serve Rock Lobster to it’s staff, even if it was 1971.  Call me old fashioned but no employer cares that much about their employees.  Even the Scandinavian establishment I mentioned earlier doesn’t do the Lobster and now I think about it I can’t even remember seeing a Scandinavian Salad on the menu (… but hotdogs were down stairs).

As we head towards summer I can only imagine how much use this book will be to someone who has to cater salad for many people.  For those of you out there who are fortunate enough to be partaking in a 1970's Salad Party this summer, this book has all the answers to your salad making questions. And this all goes to show you, that you can make friends with salad.

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