Sunday, November 13, 2011

The New Hotdog Cookbook by Mettja C. Roate.

The New Hotdog Cookbook by Mettja C. Roate.  Paperback book published by Modern Promotions 1983.

“Kids love them- adults adore them - and they're so easy on the budget! Here are over 250 new and exciting ways to fix this old-time favourite.”

This book has so many things going for it.  Like ummm…

The title: It makes me wonder what the “Old” Hotdog Cookbook had in it that required a newer version of this wonderful epicurean smorgasbord of sausage delights. I am of course keeping an eye out for any older editions.

A Wonderful cover: Look at that picture.  It’s just beautiful.  It’s what attracted my attention to this Gourmands bible of Hotdog delicacies. Unfortunately the publishers have chosen not to include any other photographs… an opportunity lost.

Cover detail

Excellent selection of recipes: There’s whole chapters on Hot Dog Soups, Hot Dog Casseroles and even a chapter for us Gourmets entitled, “Gourmet Hot Dogs”.  There’s a recipe here for “Hot Dogs in Fruited Brandy Sauce” that has a whole can of Pineapple in it…. Amazing, this book just keeps getting better.  Unfortunately the authors have chosen to not include any dessert recipes, although I imagine the Hot Dogs in Fruited Brandy Sauce comes pretty close to a dessert.

“If you want...
To serve something that’s good, and good for you, too—
A versatile food that can be served in countless ways, from appetizers to hearty main dishes—
A precooked food that cuts preparation time to a minimum —
and if you want to stretch your food budget while doing all this—try any one of the several hundred mouth- watering and fun-to-make recipes in this book. It’s the foolproof way to family mealtime magic!”

A book like this is hard to part with, but up for sale it is.  I just hope that any Hot Dog fancier that takes the plunge, enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed looking, thinking and writing about it.

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