Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally the Huc & Gabet logo/signage.

Huc & Gabet new logo/signage.

Finally, after 3 years of careful consideration, indecision and task avoiding, I now have a logo/signage.  This stuff takes a long time with me.  I’m not sure why but it does.  It took me 3 years to get the name Huc & Gabet and that was me actively pondering.  So another 3 years for a logo is not really that unexpected.  I’m writing about this now, as this weekend (another blatant plug for this event) I will be unveiling my new signage… OK the truth is… I’ll be whacking up these laminates around my stall.  There is a possibility there may be one larger “fancy” sign… still not definite though.

(This is a dodgy photograph... it doesn't really look that blurry.  The original file was too big to send over the www.  This will give you an idea of what it looks like)

Some of you might be thinking what’s all the fuss about… or maybe even thinking you don’t like it.  Fair enough, it is just a logo supposed to give an idea of who and what I am… you know… a bookseller. 

There's a long history to this logo.  The first 18 months were very slow and tentative and realistically nothing happened due to my indecision and lack of... whatever i lacked.  Some assistance was offered (thanks Ingrid) but... well... nothing happened (i take full responsibility).  Then along came Alina who offered some help and recommended a great website for fonts.  She was very encouraging and generally of great assistance… still took me another 18 months after this to finish the whole thing, but I look upon this whole process as really beginning with her kind offer of assistance.  …and then after finding an image that I liked, I needed some more help with some photoshop skills to remove an unwanted object from the image (I am sadly lacking in this area of expertise... probably one of the reasons this takes me so long).  Alina once again came to the rescue in the middle of studying, parenting and lack of any spare time… truly appreciated.  So i had the font and the image but needed a hand with how to put it all together.  Mel is someone who lives here in Clunes and I was aware that he had been involved in design etc and so I figured I would ask him if he would assist me with some of his graphic design skills, and he didn't hesitate in saying yes… what I didn’t know was that Mel had studied graphic design in the 1960s and is completely computer illiterate… not to worry though.  He had some excellent advice and design ideas.  Finally my good friend Richard who does have excellent computer graphic skills (and other skills), kindly assisted with putting the whole thing together for me.  This was done on very short notice… again truly appreciated. I think my design team, who aren't really a team, have succeeded, and i am happy to say i am happy with the results.

Over the next few days I’ll be doing some quick posts/updates from the book fair, probably with lots of photos.  Stay tuned.

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