Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clunes Booktown 2011 Saturday

It’s now Sunday morning.  Yesterday was a roaring success… well maybe not roaring… lets say that yesterday was great and I was very happy with my sales.  Takings were up approx 15% and that was on a day of predicted bad weather… which ended up being brisk with very minimal rain.  Apparently it bucketed down with rain in Melbourne in the early morning which was also predicted for some of Victoria.  Today forecast for Clunes is mostly sunny.  The theory is that people that may have decided to not come to Clunes yesterday will come today.  I of course like this theory as in the past 2 years the Sunday trade has been sluggish.

So what did people buy yesterday… everything.  A lot of people were looking at and buying cookbooks, fiction (all sorts), not much interest this year in craft and art.  Lots of other stuff has sold, too many genres to mention but I think my nothing over $10 marketing plan has worked.  I’ve spruicked this important information constantly and people have seemed very pleased to find out that my pricing is very reasonable… with 1 exception.  A gentlemen thought the $6 was too much to pay for a hardcover childrens book from the 1970s… this was a little annoying.  Overall all though people have seemed to be very happy with my prices.

A few nice compliments on my stock.  Someone commented that I have very different books to everyone else (this was a compliment… I ask them if it was). 

I did get a break yesterday and forgot to take some photos, will attempt to do so today.

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