Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How To Service Tape Recorders by G. A. Tuthill.

How To Service Tape Recorders by G. A. Tuthill.  Paperback book published by D. B. Taraporevala Sons & Co. 1972 (Indian reprint). 

As the 21st century and all its wonderful technology meanders along, I’m sure there’s more than one of you out there wondering what to do with your old and broken down Tape Recorders (that’s reel to reel not cassette… or 8 track).  Land fill was always an option, but now with this wonderful book you can keep your tape player playing for another 40 years.  OK the tapes mightn’t last that long due to the inevitable deterioration, which by the way is probably a contributing factor to the breaking down of your lovely machine, but at least you’ll have the machine up and running in tip top shape.  And if you’re a young hipster wanting to keep up with all that’s truly retro (forget about cassettes, they’re so 70s), then one of these lovely blurry players is probably all that’s missing from your hipster lifestyle.

... and a not so blurry example

… and if you’re a bit unclear about where the fringing flux lines are (no relation to flux capacitors) or what the ring shape core of stacked laminations are all about, here is an illustration that without the rest of the book is probably very confusing:

This book is another one of those hard to sell titles that I get a little excited about when I find one thereof.  Unsellable?… probably.  An artifact from a different time dimension?… definitely.  Land fill?… more than likely.

… and if you think this book is not “of interest” then maybe one of these other titles from the back cover may be “of interest”.

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