Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tasmanian Trout Waters by Greg French.

Tasmanian Trout Waters by Greg French.  Hardcover book with pictorial boards self published 1994, 336 pages with black and white photographs and a few black and white maps.

I like a piece of Trout.  Simply pan fried in a small amount of Olive Oil and garnished with some Murray River Salt and some lemon… mmmmm.  Smoked is lovely as well.  A smoked Trout risotto with wasabi and whatever vegies you’ve got… oh yeah.  Yep, after writing this and getting my gastric juices juicing, I’ve decided I’m picking up some trout later this week.  Unfortunately the Trout I will buy will not be as fresh as it would be if I was in Tasmania and used this book to fill my plate… oh well, the dodgy fish shop in Ballarat* will have to do. 

Greg French has no need for a fish shop.  I bet you he has a fridge full… or even better… he has a bag full of fresh lovely trout like the one on the cover.  Hang on, both the cover pictures look like he’s releasing the fish.  Oh no.  

I’ve had a brief look in the book to see if Greg does indeed release his fish after capture.  Unfortunately I have no answer to this question and for the sake of this paragraph, I’m going to assume he does release any fish that he should chance upon.  As I mentioned recently in another blog entry, I’m not a fisherman.  Which is probably why I would eat any fish that I should be so lucky to catch (… yeah in my dreams).  To me the reward would be to eat the fish at the end of the process. The process itself, which I believe appeals to most fisherman, does not appeal to me.  As nice as it is that Greg is showing us how to be a responsible fisherman, I personally think of my belly, which is why the world would be sadly more overfished than it is already is if i were a fisherman.  But you know what, I bet you Greg does partake… all the fish in this book look so tasty and he is only human.

* which is not really that dodgy

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