Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Case of death.

Recently I wrote:

“I have a whole book case packed full of these sort of books (ie unsold $$$ books) and as I mentioned about a year ago, these are books that I have parked on line awaiting a sale.  Recently I have started referring to this book case as the Book Case of Death in a reference to dead titles that are sitting on the shelf, lifeless and slowly decaying.”

Pretty much as soon as I posted this comment, I thought that I should do a follow up post with a little more detail and a slight clarification. 

Yes I do have a book case full of valuable and often rare books listed on the interwebs awaiting sale.  These are books that despite having a value and in some cases, a certain rarity, have not sold for various reasons.  What I haven’t mentioned is that there have been gaps in the book case where a number of books have sold.  Gap wise I’m not talking about the deserts of central Australia, it is rather a smaller number of sales (and gaps) over a long period of time.  Nevertheless, these are sales.  It is the books that are still sitting on the shelf after 12 months that lead me to refer to it all as “the Book Case of Death”. 

 Book Case of Death with gaps filled

The listing of these books on line does have a $ cost and over the past 12 months I haven’t lost money, I have indeed made some money… not the millions/thousands that I was hoping for.  Hundreds I have made and of course at the end of the day I still have these rare expensive unsold books… that ummmm, haven’t sold. So the Book Case of Death sits here, full of books, occasionally bringing me some joy… but mostly sitting here “lifeless and slowly decaying”.

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