Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Guide to Concrete and Soil Compaction techniques.

A Guide to Concrete and Soil Compaction techniques.  Paperback book published by Wacker (no date).

Some of you may have realized that I like the unusual find.  A book that is so specialized that it’s hard to imagine anyone being interested in it… that is, hard to imagine unless you're me.  I have an idea that there are people out there interested in Wackers.  I can even imagine someone with a wacker collection desperately searching for anything else wacker related (… like this book).  Wacker swap meets are probably not that common, but I reckon there would be a wacker forum somewhere on the interwebs. 

Here are a few fine examples of the wacker as shown in this book:

Marginal compaction by means of a long-stroke rapid impact tamper.

Repair work on bituminous material with rapid impact tamper. (Notice the hat.)

Rotary vibrator laying pavement slabs

Diesel vibrating compactor compacting bituminous material

Electric long-stroke vibratory tamper

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  1. Static force compactors simply apply weight to the soil, using either smooth rollers or padded rollers (which are covered with small projections, called pads, that penetrate and kneed the soil for improved compaction). This type of compaction is effective for surface soil, though deeper soil remains unaffected.