Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ways of Escape by Graham Greene.

Finally another Graham Greene
Hardcover, dust jacket, cover is… green.
Published by The Bodley Head
In nineteen eighty twas first read.

This book covers much geography.
It’s not fiction, it’s biography.
Some of it has been published before
Essays and stuff and much much more.

It’s the second part of his dealings
And it’s told with skill and feeling(s).
“At the dangerous edge of things”
The authors words excitement brings

“His restlessness is legendary”
His encounters extraordinary.
To Vietnam because he could,
Cuba, Prague and then Hollywood.

My excitement was great when I found this book
A hardcover Graham that has a great look.
Something to rhyme and share with you all
A victorious poem …I heard the call.

Now here’s something that’s really funny
This Graham Greene aint worth much money.
Despite the fact it’s a first edition,
All solid and in great condition.

Regardless though, I’m still pleased
That I found this gem, no pages creased.
At Booktown Clunes this book will be
May 14th, 15th for all to see.

Huc & Gabet and Graham Greene
Oh yes, we make a great team.
Now I’ve fed my hunger and thirst,
For a Graham Greene hardcover first.

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  1. Paul Perry AllSorts BookshopApril 18, 2011 at 5:18 AM

    Graham Greene has never inspired me to verse - but I notice that someone has produced a fine Clerihew, at

    Rather keen
    Was Graham Greene
    For his Order of Merit,
    Though he chose not to wear it.