Sunday, April 24, 2011

Clunes Back to Booktown 2011.

Here at Huc & Gabet there is a flurry of activity as I prepare for the Clunes Booktown annual book fair extravaganza (14 to 15 May 2011  When I write “flurry”, I’m referring to pricing, sorting, getting new signage and to be honest, mainly psyching myself up for this massive weekend where I sell direct to the public for 2 whole days... with no computer in sight.  This will be the third time Huc & Gabet has participated in this amazing bookfest and this year I will be bringing along another great mix of excellent books of interest, including some of the exciting titles I’ve written about in this blog.

Last year, Huc & Gabet had only just moved to Clunes (yes, Huc & Gabet is based in Clunes) and I was still an unknown stranger in the town.  This year I’m a known stranger… and have even managed to coerce a neighbour into helping out for a few minutes at some point during each day.  This means that unlike last year, I will be able to have a quick look around at some of the other stalls… maybe even have some lunch. 

So last year I took a few photographs.  This is the town early in the morning… a lovely still mist…very nice.

I took a few photographs of the Huc & Gabet stall which will be once again in the court house in the barristers chamber.

I’m amazed at these photographs as this isn’t what I remember of the weekend.  All I remember is the frantic rush to get some sort of semblance of order on the Friday and then on the Saturday, so many people that it’s hard to move.  Sunday is a quieter day.  It’s hard to describe how great the weekend is… there are literally thousands of people in this small town, wanting to buy books.  This is a wonderful thing, if you’re wanting to sell books. 
Some of my favourite comments from last year include:
“I’m going to have to go back to the car and empty my bag… again.”
“Weren’t you here last year?”
“Got any Wilbur Smith?” (I didn’t)
“Got any Wilbur Smith?” (…different person… still didn’t)

Anyway, if you’re in Victoria and want (or need) to go a little crazy stocking up your library, this is a great place to do it… drop by and say hello.  I’ll be in the Court House next to the Town Hall.  I won’t have any Wilbur Smith… but I will have a few Graham Greene’s… and a friendly smile.

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