Monday, April 11, 2011

Veterinary Advice for Greyhound Owners by John Kohnke.

Veterinary Advice for Greyhound Owners by John Kohnke.  Hardcover book published 1993.

Anyone who has ever paid a veterinary bill, will understand why this book exists.  Greyhound owners invest a lot of time and money hoping for an eventual reward and I’m pretty sure that veterinary bills are just another unwanted added cost to an already costly venture, so much so that your average Joe the Greyhound owner would probably be keen on a cheaper option… wherever possible.  In regards to the “reward”, some of you out there may be thinking that not all Greyhounds are possible money making ventures, which is I guess is true.  This book though, was not written for the casual pet owner (see cover).

Greyhound owners, as with many other dog owners, are fairly fanatical about their animals, but from my experience, the Greyhound is one of the few breeds where their owners do not hesitate in investing in books… I guess the financial incentive is the reason for this… or at least that’s my reasoning for their reasoning.  This particular title is a great example of a very practical book that I can imagine being used and used again.  As the title indicates some “advice” on these matters could save a greyhound owner $$$.

The author is (was?) a veterinarian who wrote articles for the Greyhound Star (British Racing Paper… probably concerned with Greyhound racing) and along with personal advice about greyhounds (?), he had a reputation “for providing practical, down to earth advice on common everyday problems faced by greyhound trainers and breeders”.  In other words the author was a bit of an authority on greyhounds and their ailments… and obviously passionate about Greyhounds… and Greyhound racing.

So what we have here is an authoritive book of definite practical use by a group of people that from experience, buy books.  The big question is… why didn’t anyone buy it when I had it listed on ebay… twice?  There were people watching the book both times, which is always a good indicator, but no bids.  Pricing may have been an issue, but checking the www, I did have it listed well below current www cost.  Possibly the date of publication. 1993 was a long time ago.  Who knows.  Often I list books for sale and when they don’t sell, I figure that I obviously got it wrong.  With this book, this is not the case.  It should have sold.  I’ll now list the book on Books & Collectibles.  Surely someone out there will want/need this book at some stage.

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