Saturday, April 2, 2011

What would Chuck Norris do?

The Secret Power Within: Zen solutions to real problems by Chuck Norris.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I like to tackle the real issues, whether they revolve around stuff on cats, chronic transplant dysfunction or Barbie’s love life, Huc & Gabet will look at it.  Today I want to look at the big question and how to get the answer. 

“What would Chuck Norris do?”

Many people… probably too many people… have asked this question.  Well, in this “dynamic account, Chuck Norris explains how the ancient system of Zen – the core philosophy behind the martial arts – can help each of us achieve spiritual tranquility and real self confidence…” “The rest of his busy life includes acting in his popular television series, Walker, Texas Ranger*, as well as producing, filming and lecturing, and Norris explains how the secret power within has been the basis of his remarkable success.” 

So I guess one answer to the eternal question (see above) is that Chuck would explain stuff about Zen Buddhism, act (?) and do other stuff revolving around film.  So if you ever want the answer to the big question (see above), this book can possibly help you. 

Now, some of you out there are probably wondering why I’ve bothered to:
a/ pick up this book
b/ try to sell this book
c/ write about it here
The answer of course is in the question (see above).  OK, maybe the answer in this instance, isn’t in the question.  These following snippets from the publishers blurb possibly answer these smaller questions:
- “Winning by Losing: If you have nothing to prove, you have no need to fight.”
 So what do I have to prove… well I guess I have to prove that I can sell this book (…hasn’t sold as of yet… so I guess I’m winning???).
- “Complete the Wheel: How to balance your life to achieve success.”
Will balancing my life help me achieve success (ie. Sell the book)?... probably not.
- “Your Master, Your Art: To maintain self-respect you must respect the work you do, and do it as well as possible.”
Self respect in regards to selling a Chuck Norris book!!!  I’ll let you the reader figure that one out.

*Re Walker: This book was published in 1996.

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