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Association of Australasian Paleontologists.

Association of Australasian Paleontologists.

So who are these guys?

Try this for an answer:

Yep, they are “a specialist group of the Geological Society of Australia for palaeontologists”, which all sounds very academic... which is because it is all very academic.

 A selection.  See below for full list.

 I recently stumbled on a pile of their publications. Very technical “stuff” with lots of pictures and text that makes me weary just thinking about it. It's the sort of thing that a layman like myself could not even begin to imagine anyone reading for pleasure... but i'm sure there are those out there who love this stuff and dream of sitting down with a nice wine, some great music on the stereo and a copy of “Lower Devonian Pelecypoda from southeastern Australia” in their hands.

These all obviously came from the one collection as I did find them in the one spot patiently waiting to be unearthed by moi. And unearth them I did with only a small amount of hesitation based upon my own lack of understanding and complete ignorance on the finer points of Paleontology. Upon getting back to Huc & Gabet headquarters I quickly discovered that these publications are not that common. Even the association doesn't have these listed on their website, which I can only assume is because they don't have any copies for sale... or they are a bit slack in putting the info on their website. Either way, if you look around the interwebs you'll see that these books are not that common. This can only be a good thing for a bookseller like myself... and for those wanting a glass of wine, some good music and a copy of “Late Proterozoic and Cambrian microfossils and biostratigraphy, Amadeus Basin, central Australia”.

Here is the full list of what I currently have listed:

Late Proterozoic and Cambrian microfossils and biostratigraphy, Amadeus Basin, central Australia by Zang, Wenlong and Malcolm R. Walter.

Studies in Australian Mesozoic Palynology, edited by P. A. Jell.

Permian Productidina and Strophalosiidina from the Sydney-Bowen Basin and New England Orogen: systematics and biostratigraphic significance by D.J.C. Briggs (Memoir 19 of the Association of Australasian Paleontologists).

Palaeobiogeography of Australasian faunas and floras, edited by A. J. Wright, G. C.Young, J. A. Talent and J. R. Laurie. (Memoir 23 of the Association of Australasian Paleontologists)

Studies in Australian Mesozoic Palynology II, edited by J. R. Laurie and C. B. Foster. (Memoir 24 of the Association of Australasian Paleontologists)

Australian Ordovician brachiopod studies, edited by P. A. Jell.

APC94: Papers from the First Australian Palaeontological Convention, held at Macquarie University, February 1994, edited by P.A. Jell.

Early Cretaceous (Neocomian) flora and fauna of the Lower Strzelecki Group, Gippsland Basin, Victoria by S. McLoughlin, A.-M. P. Tosolini, N. S. Nagalingum and A. N. Drinnan. (Memoir 26 of the Association of Australasian Paleontologists)

Early Cambrian fossils from South Australia by Stefan Bengtson, Simon Conway Morris, Barry J. Cooper, Peter A. Jell and Bruce N. Runnegar.

Lower Devonian Pelecypoda from southeastern Australia by Paul A. Johnston.

Palynological and palaeobotanical studies in honour of Basil E. Balme, edited by P. A. Jell and G. Playford.

Lower Devonian bivalves from the Reefton Group, New Zealand by Margaret A. Bradshaw. (Memoir 20 of the Association of Australasian Paleontologists)

Fossil Cnidaria 5: Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria, including Archaeocyatha and Spongiomorphs held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 25-29 July 1988 edited by P. A. Jell and J. W. Pickett.

Dorothy Hill Jubilee Memoir: Proceedings of a meeting organised by the Association of Australasian Palaeontologists, a Specialist Group of the Geological Society of Australia Inc., at The University of Queensland, 9th and 10th September, 1982 edited by J. Roberts and P.A. Jell.

Devonian and Carboniferous Coral Studies,edited by P. A. Jell.

Archaeocyatha from lower parts of the lower Cambrian carbonate sequence in South Australia by David I. Gravestock. 


  1. Do you have these books available for purchase? I am interested in memoir 19 by Briggs, 1998.

    1. Hello Alexander. Yes i do still have a copy. Contact me via my email address or you can order via my website (on line store). Postage will depend on where you are. Contact me.
      All the best

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