Sunday, October 9, 2011

Maurice Sendak.

Here’s a great article about Maurice Sendak of whom I wrote about here, a while ago.

I particularly like his comments on E-books:

''I hate them. It's like making believe there's another kind of sex. There isn't another kind of sex. There isn't another kind of book. A book is a book is a book.''

I’ve deliberately avoided writing about e-books and the whole tablet thing before today and I don’t want to make too much of an issue about it now.  But I do agree with Maurice “A book is a book is a book.”  Some people like to read their books on an electronic screen and some of us prefer the old fashioned way.  Unlike the CD which revolutionized our listening and changed our world forever (click here), I think maybe a lot of people will try these new fandangled machines and then switch back... i don't know why i think this, it's possibly just wishful thinking.  And to show you all my dedication to the printed format, i'm going to figure out how to get this blog out to you all via the printed word… or maybe not.

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