Thursday, September 15, 2011

Plans for Caravans, Trailers, Boats etc by Keith Winser.

Plans for Caravans, Trailers, Boats etc by Keith Winser.  Paperback book published by Motor Manual 10th edition 1964-5.

Ever wanted to design your own caravan? 
Me neither. But obviously in 1964-5 this sort of activity was taking place and there was a demand for this sort of book.  I do know that people are into vintage caravans, which is why I snapped up this title.  I’ve blogged about one of Keith’s other fine publications here and it seems to me that the guy was obviously into the whole outdoorsy stuff.  I can see a logical progression from one to the other and from what I can gather Keith was THE guy at the time who wrote about the whole outdoor activity thingy.

Now there are some of you out there probably wondering why I’m writing about this book.  Well you can stop wondering… this book is genuinely interesting.  How many caravan design books for 1960s caravans written and published in the 1960s have you seen recently?  Yep that’s right, these sort of publications are as rare as free camp sites and as I mentioned there is a subculture of collectors and DIYers who would be itching for this sort of first hand source of information.  A quick look around the interwebs and I find that there are no copies of this book for sale (other than this one), but what I do find is lots of references to Vintage Caravans… see, I told you it was popular.

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