Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fresh Fruits, photographs by Shoichi Aoki, edited by Mark Sanders.

Fresh Fruits, photographs by Shoichi Aoki, edited by Mark Sanders.  Paperback book published by Phaidon 2006, unpaginated with colour photographs throughout.

Phaidon publish many wonderful, colourful and “of interest” books.  I’m very tempted to compare them to Taschen except of course Taschen have a slightly different take on the whole art, architecture, photography, and design thing than Phaidon does.  But I guess it’s the first comparison I thought of so… I guess that’s what I would compare them to… but maybe with less pornography.

This is a great book from 2006 and is a sequel to an earlier volume entitled Fruits.  The images are a compilation of photographs taken from a Japanese magazine also called Fruits, which documents Japanese teen street fashion.  This is not the stuff of Japanese salary men working long hours 7 days a week, but rather a joyful/playful journey through the world of colour and fun.  The theatre of some of these outfits is not lost in translation and it’s fairly clear that all of these people are passionate and serious about what they wear.

(The following photos have all been cropped as the edges were slightly blurry.  All of the photographs are taken on the streets of Tokyo. The book was difficult to scan.)

This isn’t the first copy of this book that I have found to sell and the very first copy I ever saw was at a friends house sitting on a shelf, face out.  The last copy I had took a while for someone to appreciate* and this copy hasn’t had much interest as of yet.  I think it’s a great book which is one of those titles that is just waiting for the right person to come along and…

* Buy.

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