Saturday, February 1, 2014

Model Jet Engines by Thomas Kamps.

Model Jet Engines by Thomas Kamps.   Paperback book published by Traplet Publications 2005 (third edition), 107 pages with black and white photographs and illustrations.

As most of you are probably/hopefully aware, I sell books through a number of websites on the interwebs including my own.  Most of my sales and therefore income, still comes from ebay which obviously due to the $$$ is where I focus considerable attention.  There are many different theories and methods of selling things on ebay and of course we all have our own theories as to which of these is the best way of achieving maximum sales.

Ebay allows sellers considerable information re how often items are viewed and also how many people are ‘watching’ each item that is listed.  Which brings me to this book.  This is the second time I have listed this particular title and as of yet, it hasn’t sold.  This in itself is not that unusual as… yes, as hard as it to believe… not all of the books I list on ebay, or elsewhere, sell… at least not at first.  What is of interest is the amount of people that have looked at this particular book each time I have listed it.  For me to consider that there is an interest in a book on ebay, anything above 10 views means that there is some sort of interest.  Because I sell most of my items as ‘buy it now’ there are often not that many views or watchers on the more popular items as anyone seriously interested in a book tends to ‘buy it now’.  Both times I have listed this book I have had around 100 views of the item and only a few watchers.  So why hasn’t it sold?

There is obviously some sort of interest in it as a lot of people are looking at it.  I’ve double checked the price and my copy of this book is the only copy on ebay Australia at the moment, so the price is… well, it’s the price… (I have lowered the price on the second listing).  This is one of those weird ebay mysteries that I don’t have an answer for.  I don’t even have a theory on this one.  Any ideas?

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