Monday, December 23, 2013

Modern Chairs by Charlotte Fiell and Peter Fiell.

Modern Chairs by Charlotte Fiell and Peter Fiell.  Paperback book published by Taschen 2002, 160 pages with colour and black and white photographs.  Text is in English, German and French.

“That book was my husbands.”
(Me) “Mmmm.  Do you have nice chairs?”
“No. We had children instead.”

Taschen do great books.  They are glossy, colourful, informative, entertaining and very appealing.  They can also be very expensive although the smaller volumes, such as this one, are often more reasonably priced.  The larger volumes can be spectacular (appearance, content and price) and give a whole new meaning to the words “coffee table book”.  I’ve seen Taschen Books that wouldn’t even fit on my coffee table and if they did I don’t know that the coffee table would hold up under the weight. 

This volume is a more reasonably weighted item and should appeal to those that are reference hungry and to those wanting a coffee table design book.  The photographs are of the usual Taschen quality (excellent) and whilst the descriptions are brief, they get to the point… and they get to the point in English, German and French.  Perfect for bilingual homes wanting books (and chairs) that everyone can enjoy.

I like nice chairs and I like looking at nice chairs.  One day, I may even sit in a nice chair.

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