Monday, November 12, 2012

The Book of Eels by Tom Fort.

The Book of Eels by Tom Fort.  Hardcover book (no dust jacket) published by Harper Collins 2002, 287 pages.

There is a slight chance that I think a little too much with my stomach when selecting books.  No, I’ve not partaken in the paperback sandwich, nor the roast hardcover… well not recently.  What I’m referring to is the subject matter of various books and in particular this book about delicious eels.

I find a book about eels and all I can think about is wonderful smoked eel sandwiches (on rye bread of course) and how I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve never tried any Italian eel dishes.  Japanese restaurants also come to mind as the Japanese are quite fond of the slippery fish and it is something I will order when eating Japanese.  I’m also reminded of a can of eel that I recently purchased at an Asian supermarket here in Victoria.  I couldn’t resist and… yep, never again.  

I was talking to some neighbours about catching and smoking some eels a few months back (… some of my neighbours are also fond of the eel), which is something we’ve never progressed with after that brief discussion on the street.  I once tried to find Jellied eels in the East End of London but my friends (a vegan and a vegetarian) were unable to assist with my search (…they did try).  I also remember seeing eels for sale on the side of the road in Germany… and talking about Germany, who can forget the Tin Drum eel scene:

My eel memories and thoughts are numerous and plentiful.  So when I find a book about eels, all of this goes through my head in a matter of seconds.  Do I pick the book the up?  You betcha.

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