Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bushrangers of the sky by Arthur Upfield.

Bushrangers of the sky by Arthur Upfield.  Paperback book published 1965.

I don’t think Arthur Upfield needs any introduction… if you don’t know who he is, check out this website or even .  Needless to say his books are VERY sought after and VERY collectible and VERY occasionally I come across the odd paperback and VERY rarely, a hardcover.  Upfield is one writer where I’m OK if the book is worn, as long as there are no loose pages.  I’m OK with rips, creasing, marks etc to the cover and some wear to the pages is OK as well.  Basically I’ll still pick up Upfield’s even if they are more worn than my usual high standard and criteria regarding condition… in other words, if an Upfield is looking more downfield, I’ll still grab it.  I should also add that if I were to find a mint condition Upfield (yeah… in my dreams)… I’d be writing about it here.

Upfield’s books are generally read, reread and reread again… at least the copies I find, appear that way and if that wasn’t the case then surely I’d find more secondhand copies (i.e. read once and then discarded).  Due to the popularity and collectability of Arthur Upfield’s works, I feel that this book (which is worn and obviously read) will sell, even in its worn state.  The www indicates that this title is also worth a wee bit… so whilst not being rare, it’s not that common.  As I write this blog entry, I have a copy for sale on ebay… which has now been bid on.  Upfield’s popularity is obviously on the up and up. 

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