Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Barbie Annual.

Barbie Annual.  Hardcover book published 1983.

I like to think that I’m reasonably in tune with what’s happening in the world.  This is something that can help me as a bookseller.  When something becomes news or becomes topical for whatever reason, there seems to be a spike in interest in relevant books related to the subject.  Of course there’s the icky area of selling books and memorabilia when someone dies, of which even I have been guilty of.* 

So when I read about Ken and Barbie possibly getting back together (http://news.theage.com.au/breaking-news-technology/ken-and-barbies-fate-put-to-facebook-vote-20110208-1al5i.html ) and then find this 1983 Barbie Annual a few days later, I immediately snap it up with the knowledge that Barbie is hot news once again.  Obviously Barbie has had enough of Blaine (Australian Surfie guy) or maybe i should say that Ken has had enough of Barbie having enough of Blaine…   

The book is full of illustrations with some colour photographs and some stories and articles.  To be honest it’s a little bit girly for me.  I really don’t need make up or fashion tips courtesy of Barbie, but then again I am a 48 year old man (there are some people out there who may argue that I do need this sort of advice).  There is another reason why i think this book is very sellable.  Recently some friends visited me with their 5 year old daughter (Heide) and as kids do, she had brought some toys along to play with… her toy of choice, you guessed it, Barbie.   So with the “news” and my recent experience, I’m pretty certain that Barbie is still topical and very sellable.

Now for the bad news.  So I’m writing up and describing this book for an ebay listing: the cover has some wear but isn’t too bad (not unusual for this sort of children’s book i.e. well loved), some names written on the front endpages (not the end of the world), there’s a colouring in picture that has had some small bits coloured (not ideal, but still OK) and some wear to the back endpaper spine hinge… hang on a sec… the wear looks like there’s something missing and a quick www search reveals that this is a 64 page book… of which I have 62 pages.  Due to the incredibly high standards here at the house of Huc & Gabet, if a book doesn’t have all it’s pages it doesn’t get sold.  I’m not even going to try and sell this book.  I guess Heide may be acquiring a new book, which was always in the back of mind anyway… just don’t tell her the last page is missing.

*In Michael Jackson’s case, accidentally. I had a tour program listed on ebay.  It hadn’t sold the first time at the $9.50 price I had it listed at.  I relisted it slightly lower… he died… and I ended up selling it for $45.

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  1. Whoops. I was just reading your post out to Heidi and got too late to your comment not to tell her about the missing pages. She said she still likes it, even if it has missing pages :)