Saturday, December 18, 2010


So you half read a book and decide that no, its not for you… or you decide that you have the information you need and no longer need to churn through the rest of it.  You may misplace a book, loose momentum and then decide to move it along… or you mean to one day get back to a book and grow old before you do. For whatever reason half read books often end up here at the house of Huc & Gabet.  Now half read means that these books often have a bookmark still in place, a bit like a time capsule at the page where someone for some reason stopped. The following images are a selection of bookmarks that I have found in the last 12 months.  Some are purpose built, most are whatever is close at hand when required… I think some of these might be both.  


  1. What a great collection of bookmarks. I particularly like the Wobbies World tickets. I had a very disappointing birthday there as a child. No wonder it closed soon after.

  2. Hi Kate,
    I personally never went to Wobbies World but i do remember driving past it and pestering my parents to let me visit the most wondrous world of Wobbies. By the sounds of it, i am very fortunate that my parents did not succumb. Wobbies World of course is now a garden centre (i think) and only lives on in our memories to be triggered by this ticket. The Horror, the Horror.


  3. Yes I often drive past it and keep meaning to check out the garden supplies. The castle is still there - it's the shop now I think.