Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home before daylight: My life on the road with The Grateful Dead by Steve Parish.

Home before daylight: My life on the road with The Grateful Dead by Steve Parish with Joe Layden.  Hardcover book published 2004.

Rock/Music biographies… its hard to know where to begin.  OK, from my experience they are very hard to sell on line, no matter who or what they are.  A few years ago I found a paperback Keith Moon biography which I remember selling for a lot more than I expected.  Unfortunately I also remember the many other Rock bios that I have tried selling to no avail.  Any rock biography now has to be something a little out of the ordinary for me to even attempt to sell it on line.  I picked up this book as firstly, it is a hardcover, secondly, it is about the Grateful Dead (fanatical following) and thirdly, its in great condition (no pun intended).  I also figured that here in Australia where I do most of my business, this title would be quiet rare … which a quick search proves to be true (only a few copies for sale).  Here’s the problem though, the book is uncommon due to the fact that here in Australia the “Dead” are not as popular as they are overseas (mainly the U.S.).  I have never knowingly met an Australian “Deadhead” (, although they more than likely do exist.  My qualification for this observation is that during the many years that I worked in music retail here is Australia, I only very rarely got asked for the Grateful Dead… possibly as few as 3 times in the approximate 10 years… and these people seemed very normal and were probably not “Deadheads” (but I could be wrong… also, apologies to any Deadheads reading this, I don’t mean to offend).  Unfortunately I don’t have the email or contact details of the 3 people that asked me, so I can’t let them know about this book.  I’m hoping that despite being fans of the “Dead” these 3 people are not dead and are alive enough to bid on ebay… 

My final comment about this book has to do with the dust jacket artwork.  The front cover picture (as shown) is obviously of Gerry Garcia.  What we don't see is the rest of the photo, which is comprised of the author on the back and his hand meeting Jerry's in the middle of the spine as he is passing a funny smelling cigarette... at least i assume its funny smelling.  So when this book sits on the shelf all you see is the 2 hands passing.... whatever it is... i guess there's a message there...

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