Monday, December 6, 2010

Mysteries of the Bass Strait Triangle.

Mysteries of the Bass Strait Triangle by Jack Loney.  Paperback book published 1993.

Jack Loney has written many books about shipwrecks and similar disasters of a maritime nature.  I’ve sold a few of his books over the years and from what I can gather he seems to be quite knowledgeable and keen on sharing his passion for disaster.  So what’s with the “Bass Strait Triangle”?  The publishers blurb on the back cover acknowledges that Jack conceived the idea of this mysterious and bewildering phenomenon “based around tales of mystery and terror”.  A quick scan of the rest of blurb and I see the words “sea monsters” and “UFO’s”… oh yeah, I bet you didn’t even realize that off the coast of Victoria the ocean is teeming with monsters, Aliens (could be the same thing) and a lost Prime Minister (not an Alien, but possibly a Chinese spy).  Yep, Scully and Mulder would hyperventilate if they knew about all these unsolved mysteries…

So what Jack does is bundle his knowledgeable research into this book and with some creative rejigging, rejigs the whole thing into this Bass Strait Triangle thing.  I just did a quick Wiki search to see if this particular triangle (how convenient that it is a triangle… you know… like the Bermuda thingy) has stood the test of time and it has.  The Bass Strait Triangle gets a mention and one of the references mentioned in the article is this book.  Jack has signed this particular copy and there is a rather mysterious photograph of Mr Loney on the back cover.  Check out the shades, the camera and the rather serious look… Jack means business.  

What I need now is to be able to have the X files theme music playing over the top of this blog (maybe you can just imagine it).  So Jack’s book is a bit of a crossover title.  We have ship and plane wrecks and disappearances, history and paranormal activity bundled together is a slim 104 page volume.  The truth is out there… and if you have trouble finding it, it might be in this book.

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