Saturday, October 2, 2010

Magic with Tin Cans.

Magic with Tin Cans: Handicrafts for Fun. Large format booklet published in 1965.

I guess the word “handicrafts” is the best indicator of what this book is about.  Its great to think that in 1965 someone would write a book about this environmentally friendly, green handicraft.  By “green” I am of course referring to the fine art of recycling and, flicking through this booklet, what a fine art it is.  These sort of unusual craft books are something that I love to sell, that is, I love to try and sell.  I always imagine/hope that someone out there who has been looking for this book (or something similar), possibly for a long time, has finally found what they are looking for… the passion and driving need fulfilled with this title. The world does need more Christmas trees made from tin cans… well maybe I don’t, but someone out there does… and the jewelry… wow.

This booklet is part of the “Handicrafts for fun” Library and there is a list of other titles on the back cover.  They include: Foam craft projects, Creating with cookin’ crystals, Magic with marbles, Plastic bottle fun, Holiday fantasies in foil etc etc.  This publisher obviously cornered the market in unusual, or uncommon… can I even go so far as to say “outsider” handicrafts for fun.  Some of these titles are not that common and sound very interesting. 

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