Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glove Making

Glove Making by Isabel M. Edwards.  Paperback (stiff cardboard with a dust jacket) published by Sir Isaac Pitman 1948.

1948, the year this book was published, was still a time of post war austerity in Britain where this title was published.  If you wanted to dress up and look special… maybe a little bit fancy, what better way to do this than by wearing gloves… although probably the main reason people wore gloves was the same reason they wore hats… ???.  Times were tuff… some might even say, ‘austere’… and if you couldn’t afford to buy fancy gloves, you made them yourself.  

The only gloves I have ever owned have been woolen, although at one stage I did have a pair of bike riding gloves to keep my hands from freezing to the handle bars (made from synthetics…my hands were still cold… maybe leather would have been warmer).  This book does not explain how to make woolen gloves or synthetic bike riding gloves, it does however explain how to make all sorts of leather gloves.  I guess times have changed and back in 1948 the need for

 Chamois slip-ons, 

Motor Palm Gauntlets,

and Ladies Visting gloves outweighed the need for woolen hand warmers that one would imagine were easier to make, but not as warm, or as suitable to wear with a hat…???.  But I reckon there is still a market for the budding home glove enthusiast (or goth) and this book will be perfect for them.

…ok the real reason why I’m writing about this book, this is the first glove making book I have ever found.  Macrame books, I find thousands of, tin can craft books, I find a few of, Glove Making books… this is it.  This book is part of a series entitled “Craft for all”, so its not a specialist book, its meant for you and me.  I can’t see myself in Motor Palm Gauntlets and Ladies Visiting Gloves… but maybe some Chamois slip-ons.

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