Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kangaroo Island's Native Plants by Ivan Holliday, Bev Overton and Dean Overton.

Kangaroo Island's Native Plants by Ivan Holliday, Bev Overton and Dean Overton. Paperback book (no publisher listed) 2003, 63 pages with colour photographs.

Kangaroo Island is an area of Australia which still retains much of its native flora. It is a very special place for plants because of their high diversity, with many species differences from their mainland counterparts, as well as other species which are found nowhere else.  The aim of this book is to encourage both the Island’s visitors and locals alike, to appreciate but protect the beauty and diversity of this very rich flora.”

Unlike Tasmania, i've nearly visited Kangaroo Island. When I say 'nearly' I mean I once drove along a road that had a sign pointing to Kangaroo Island and at the time commented on how nice it would be to visit there. …and I still think it would be nice to visit Kangaroo Island... at some stage.

This book focuses on the flora and by my quick flick through, I can tell you there's quite a bit of it. According to the introduction, some of it is unique to the island meaning that any budding* botanist that should venture there will certainly have a unique experience. I guess to fully understand this experience one should have some sort of book... yep, this book.

Recently I sold a wonderful volume about Victorian Wildflowers to some aficionados of Wildflower spotting. I was impressed with their enthusiasm and was even more impressed that the book they were buying was a gift for a family member as their Wildflower appreciation seemed to extend to quite a few other members of their family. It was with this recent encounter/sale in mind that I decided that a book such as this whilst not specifically about wildflowers, has enough wildflower info in it to keep any person(s) interested in Wildflowers, entertained and informed. I reckon this book is sellable and therefore it is just begging to be listed on line, which it now is.

*Pun intended

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