Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Economic Approach to Environmental and Natural Resources by James R. Kahn.

The Economic Approach to Environmental and Natural Resources by James R. Kahn. Hardcover book with pictorial boards (no dust jacket) published by South Western/Thomson 2005 (3rd edition), 638 pages.

This innovative, cutting-edge book takes a hands-on approach to the origins of environmental problems, their economic consequences, and the policies that address them. Economic Approach to Environment and Natural Resources with Economics presents environmental economic theory and methods in the first five chapters and then applies and reinforces them with illustrations and applications in the subsequent chapters. No other book provides a stronger link between theory and applications.”

Not only do you get a book with this purchase but you also get complimentary (, not steak knives...) access to South-Western's Economic Applications Website. All you have to do is go to the website and enter the access serial number that came with the book... whoops... hang on a sec... there's no serial number with this book... at least none that I can find. Luckily you can still purchase access at the website even if you don't have the number. Mmmmm... it's not very clear how much this is going to cost and somehow I think it's going to be big $$$. Still, the book does have 638 pages packed full of economic approaches to environmental resources with or without web access.

This is a perfect time of year to be selling a book such as this. University/tertiary students will soon be back at their various campus's studying ferociously and eagerly wanting to save a few $ on text books... as beer is not as cheap as it once was. I can only assume that the students studying economics in relation to environmental and natural resources will get the whole concept of second hand books as not only are they cheaper, they are less costly to the environment and help preserve some of those natural resources (ie forests) that need preserving. So far they haven't... but it's early days yet and many a student is still yet to contemplate the overwhelming financial burden of purchasing expensive text books. Hopefully they will take the plunge soon(ish).  

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