Sunday, August 21, 2011

The National Spanish Fiesta or the Art of Bullfighting by Santiago Wealands Tapia Robson.

The National Spanish Fiesta or the Art of Bullfighting by Santiago Wealands Tapia Robson.  Hardcover book published in 1960.

Have you ever wanted to know more about Bullfighting… but were afraid to ask.  Well this book might just be what you were looking for.  The author, Santiago Wealands Tapia Robson, was an Anglo-Spanish Bullfighter who began his career in 1912 and finished his career not long thereafter. The bulls he fought were all Spanish(?)  and they finished their careers in even less time than Santiago.  This book was apparently the first book to be written by an English bullfighter and interestingly it was published in Spain and not in the Anglosphere.

So what we have here is a bit of a guide and introduction to the slaughter of animals sport of bullfighting and not a DIY guide to slaughtering fighting the moo moo.  I’ve actually seen a DIY guide to bullfighting with all the instructions and glorious diagrams… unfortunately it is no longer within my periphery. 

“Of all the installations inside the “Plaza de Tores” the most important must always be the infirmary.  Article 88 in the laws governing the bullfight orders; “The infirmary of the “Plaza de Tores” must possess all necessary equipment, and be ready to give instant assistance to any spectator, or member of the staff, who may require it”.”  

How true is this paragraph.  Unfortunately when they refer to spectator or members of staff, this excludes all of the bulls.  I’ve never seen a bullfight, but I get the feeling that an Indonesian slaughter yard might look like Disneyland compared to some bullfighting events.

Apparently the popularity of bull fighting is in decline.  I recently heard that another region of Spain has stopped Bullfighting.  I guess that times change and people are happier with this.  

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