Saturday, January 15, 2011

The heart of the matter

The heart of the matter by Graham Greene. Hardcover book.

Just when you thought
this story was ended
Graham Greene returns
with my confidence mended.

I thought it was over
(The Graham Greene story).
Then I bought this book
for my inventory.

So lets get down to
the heart of the matter
Graham Greene’s haven’t made
my wallet get fatter.

As a matter of fact
I’ve got unsold stock.
So why buy more
when plenty I’ve got?

Published by,
Compact Books
Part of a series,
Which great looks

The series began with
Greene, Orwell and Waugh
Then Burgess, Kafka
and a few more.

The theory is
to collect a few,
Uniform editions
and close to new.

Shelve them together
at a book fair.
(Clunes booktown,
I’ll be there).

So I’ll become
the booktown source
Huc and Gabet
“The Greene force”

So for Graham Greene
i now hear the call.
No longer will it be
my decline and fall.

(I know, these poems (?)
are hard to swallow.
But you know what,

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