Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Art of Sandcastling

The Art of Sandcastling by Ted Siebert.  Paperback book.

This book looks at the art/sport of Sandcastling, that is, the making of sand castles.  But not just any sandcastles, this is competitive sandcastling on a grand competitive scale.  Forget about the small plastic bucket with the tiny plastic shovel, this is the real deal, the sort of thing you train all year for and then conquer the beach with those practiced sand crafts… this is sport and art shoveled and mixed in the bucket and turned upside down.  I’ll also mention that this seems to be the sport of adults… there are only a few examples of younger sandcastlers work in this book.  This is no game or casual summer hobby.  There are many fine black and white photographs and the last third looks at the details of when and where competitions take place… very handy information.  Unfortunately for any Australian buyers the book is from the United States so the details are a little obsolete, but still if you were serious you would train hard, perfect your skills, pack your swimming gear (not sure why, as by the looks of it you wont get much time in the water)… and your shovel, fly to the US and then attach yourself to the circuit and compete your way around the country… what a great way to travel, see the country (and sand) and meet like minded people. 

Here in Australia, we have a considerable amount of coastline and beach (and sand), and besides the professional sandcastler in the United States, I reckon this book could be of interest to anyone, anywhere who spends their summers at the beach… dreaming of conquering the sand castle universe.  This book could be the inspiration for Australia’s next major sporting hero.  You know, the Australian Cricket team seems to be at a bit of a low point at the moment… a bucket and shovel may be the answer in more ways than one.


  1. Did I ever tell you about the time back in the 90's when our local radio station hosted a sand sculpture competition. They got The Sharp to be band of the day (remember..they were big for a minute or two back then). This was big news getting The Sharp to play at my local beach... my team was so inspired we made our entry a double bass... I was certain we'd win.
    We didn't even come 3rd.
    I'm sure we would have made it into this book though.

  2. This must have been devastating. Tim is a friend of mine and i must say that i am proud of the fact that someone i know has actually competed in a Sand Castling competition... and its not the winning or the not even coming third, its the fact that he made the effort... just like Eric the Fish (remember him.... think Sydney Olympics).