Saturday, November 6, 2010

The sad sad tale of my Graham Greene’s

Graham Greene, writer much respected
Hardback firsts are what’s collected
These 4 titles are not what they seem
4 hardcover books by Graham Greene

The Reprint Society published 2
Reprint editions through and through
Readers Book Club published another
William Heinemann did the other

All hardcovers, dust jackets intact
There is some wear but no bindings cracked
50s and 60s vintage editions
No firsts though and of various conditions

Ex library is “A gun for sale”
This rates low on collectors scale
It’s from 1959 and page 1 is torn
Library markings, this book is worn.

“The Quiet American” has some wear
The dust jacket though, it’s all there
The cover is good, this book ain’t busted
But Reprint Society don’t cut the mustard   

“The Comedians”, this ain’t funny
If this was a first it’d be worth money
Its a fine copy in all its glory
A book club edition of this story

 “Our man in Havana” a Graham classic
Another Reprint Society, this is tragic
The cover looks great and the book is too
Insect damage, the jacket wont do.

Hardcover books with dust jackets
Unfortunately not worth packets
4 titles that are not what they seem
The sad sad tale of my Graham Greenes


  1. Not quite Dr Suess - but hey not that far off.
    A metered and rhyming description! urgh *cough*
    You may find a fan out there keen for a bargain
    But your writing's less Greene, and perhaps more Graeme Garden

  2. Thank you so much for the comment and critique... maybe i need more practice... as a matter of fact maybe i'll write all my blog entries like this one and surely over time i will get better... or maybe not.

  3. Hello there. I would gladly take that copy of A Gun for Sale off your hands, if you still have it and are willing to part with it. I've been looking for that particular edition of the book (I love the Peter Edwards dust jacket).

  4. Hi there,
    Unfortunately that copy of that book is long gone.
    All the best