Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cooking for your dog.

Cooking for your dog: Healthy recipes – seasoned with affection by Ingeborg Pils.

Firstly, a confession.  Dogs are not my thing.  Some of you may be shocked by this and wonder how… why… and consider me the lowest of the low.  That’s OK, I just don’t like dogs (I’m not too fond of cats either… i can feel the scorn seeping across the www).  Now that I’ve got that out of the way, books about dog food are always of great interest.  Here’s the why theory.  Everyone wants the best for their pets and quite honestly when looking and smelling a can or pack of dog food, or that “fresh” stuff, most people are well aware of how little they really know about what their pets are eating.  This book fulfills that hope that no longer will it be necessary to open that stinky can of dog food and dish out that indescribable mess of…. whatever its supposed to be.  Some of these recipes besides being healthy for your dog, look quite appetising and one would hope that there may be some leftovers….  So despite being a non dog person, I can see the benefit of this book and hope that it will bring joy to many pets (and their owners)… that don’t live in my house.


  1. Let me get this right. You don't like dogs. You don't like cats. But you like these recipes enough to hope there might be leftovers?? It's not scorn seeping through the www, but something a little more difficult to describe. Oh, I's more like disgusted HORROR! : )

  2. Hi Julie,
    Well...yes. These recipes are very tempting...a can of dog food may be tempting to some, but not to me. To me a can of dog food "it's more like disgusted HORROR!" This book is more for the refined pet, wanting that full gourmet experience... My reference to leftovers is aimed at the pet owner... and not a reflection of my personal taste. Saying that some of these dishes do sound and look very tasty and could easily be eaten by humans (i sort of fall into that category).... so who wants to come around for dinner (NO DOGS ALLOWED).

  3. When I first came to Melbourne in the 60s, my usual breakfast was canned Braised Steak on toast. One day I opened a particular can and immediately could tell that whatever had been braised, it wasn't steak.. after a little investigation I found I had been eating pet food.
    You would think the brand name would have tipped me off - Pedigree!

  4. ...the important question is did you have a pet at the time?... and its also good to remember that lentils are cheaper than pet food.