Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bow Wow Wow!: Fetching Costumes for Your Fabulous Dog

Bow Wow Wow!: Fetching Costumes for Your Fabulous Dog by Cathie Filian.

Here is what the publishers blurb has to say:
“Halloween is a great time to turn Fido and Polly into adorable witches, vampires, and biker babes. But these costumes are so special you’ll also find many other occasions for dressing up your best friend. Does Moo-Shu long to be a deep-sea pirate? Is Snowflake a Beverly Hills Valley Girl at heart? Santa Baby is perfect for Christmas, and the French Maid will bring out smiles on Valentine’s Day. With these easy-to-make patterns, you can create amazing dog costumes that will turn heads and get tails wagging! Don’t sew or have limited time? There are several simple and fun no-sew projects.”

I don’t have much to say about this title.  I think the images say it all. 


  1. Oh, I think you have outdone yourself with this one, Robin. Bravo!

  2. Thanks Julie. The images throughout the book are as good as these... i wonder if the RSPCA has had a look at this book.