Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moths of Australia by I.F.B. Common

I recently found a copy of this title and snapped it up without any real knowledge about its literary or monetary value. A quick look around the net (I usually check ABE) and it was confirmed.  This book, according to the www, is gold… well at least in regards to $$$ and glancing briefly through the text, it looks like its authoritive.  When I look for books to sell, and I look at a lot of books, that well, to be honest, aren’t very interesting, I consider whether there would be anyone out there interested in the subject.  That goes for every single book I look at.  Sometimes I get it wrong but sometimes I get it right.  As of writing this, I haven’t listed this book for sale and time will tell whether it will sell.  Now I’m writing about this book as it is of particular interest, as I have no interest in the subject at all, as a matter of fact I don’t like moths and think I have slight Mottephobia (yep… look it up).  To me the pictures are horrific just look at that cover, what are those bulbous thingys… don’t tell me I don’t want to know… and the book has more pictures…. of these creepy, kamikaze insects, give me a book on surgical hand reconstruction any day.  But I am sure there is someone out there who thinks this picture and the book as a whole are of great interest.  I’ll keep you up to date on whether it sells.


  1. I have quite a few Chronicle published books. Nick Bantock for instance and Barbara Hodgson - I love those illustrated books. They probably remind me of the comics of my youth. The Eagle for example. I once passed up on a pile of Eagle comics in a second hand store in Melbourne in Sydney Road you will be glad to know Im sure Robin? Mike Cooper

  2. Bula (Hello), My name is Siteri (from Fiji) and i am studying moth for my masters. I was actualy trying to get my hands on a copy of this book. Please let me know if you a willing to sell the book.


  3. Hi Siteri,
    Unfortunately, i no longer have this book for sale (it sold). I've checked with a few other book dealers i personally know, with no luck. Thanks for inquiring though, its good to see that my blog is getting out there.
    All the best