Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Turkey Management by Stanley J. Marsden and J. Holmes Martin.

Turkey Management by Stanley J. Marsden and J. Holmes Martin. Hardcover book with decorative front cover (no dust jacket) published by Interstate Printers and Publishers 1955, 999 pages with some black and white photographs and illustrations.

Some of the more regular readers of this blog may be aware that it is the unusual that excites this book seller. Yeah, a big glossy art book is a nice thing, but a worn, aged, vintage Turkey Management book is something to really get excited about. Art is great, but it's everywhere and most people like it, which isn't a bad thing particularly if you want to sell books. But seriously, do we need another art book on our shelves?* A Turkey book on the other hand is something else completely.

Imagine you have guests coming over for dinner. You welcome them into your house, exchange pleasantries and make them feel comfortable. Inevitably they will look around the room (don't we all) and if they are half decent people, they will look at your bookshelves and there sitting amidst the detritus of the modern bookshelf collection they will find... no, not Picasso... not Dali... Turkey Management. Wow. There are people who will notice the book and not mention it, but will store this information for later consideration and discussion.
“Why does X have a book about Turkey Management?”
“That's a weird thing to have a book about.”
“X is so out there, he/she has a book about Turkey Management.”
The more direct guest will comment immediately and open up the discussion regarding Turkey Management and why you have a book about it on your shelf. It could be a good way to break the ice and open up discussion... which means you should probably read it or at least be able to bluff a certain level of knowledge regarding Turkeys before inviting guests around.

So if you're looking for something really impressive for the shelf, this is the book for you...

Or if you're thinking of getting into old school Turkey Management and want to impress...

*Of course we do... 

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