Sunday, December 6, 2015

Huc & Gabet: Books of interest NOW OPEN by appointment.

There's been some changes here at Huc & Gabet: Books of interest. A few months back and after a few months before that of careful consideration, work began on the new Huc & Gabet storeroom/showroom/bookotorium*. That work is now finished. Yes, Huc & Gabet now has a physical presence, a place where one can browse and if one wanted too, even hold a book. That's right, a place where books are on the shelf awaiting the fondling bookishly inclined book buying public... and yes, we are still in Clunes.

Before anyone gets too excited... No, I haven't opened a shop and Huc & Gabet's main focus of on line sales and presence remains as it is. Over the last 12 months it had become very clear that storage had become an issue as was the desire of some of my more regular customers wishing to physically browse the Huc & Gabet on line stock. With some of that careful consideration I mentioned above, I figured that I can easily kill both birds with the one stone and here we are with a bookotorium ready for anyone wishing to have a browse.

The Huc & Gabet bookotorium is not retail as most of us know it. Among many small differences, Huc & Gabet will only be open by appointment. There are a number of reasons for this, the main reason being, time. Anyone who wants to look/browse/buy is more than welcome, they just need to contact me via phone or email, and arrange a time that is mutually appropriate for all concerned. You're probably wondering how much notice is necessary. Despair not, if you're here in town (Clunes) call me and if i'm here and available, I can open in a few minutes.

Phone: 0437 444 212

* Still looking for a title for the new premises... bookotorium will do for now.

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