Monday, July 20, 2015

Strassenbahn St. Gallen - Speicher – Trogen by Jurg Aeschlimann and Hans Waldburger.

StrassenbahnSt. Gallen - Speicher – Trogen by Jurg Aeschlimann and HansWaldburger. Hardcover book (no dust jacket) with pictorial boards published by Prellbock Druck & Verlag 2003, 224 pages with colour and black and white photographs and a few black and white maps and illustrations.

...and who wouldn't be interested in a book about Swiss trams.

A tram.  It's Swiss.

It's the attention to detail in this book that is truely amazing... detail of which there is quite a lot of... and the photographs both historical and more recent are an obsessives dream come true... and yes, for those out there are who are not jiggy with the full plethora of transport subcultures, there are indeed tram obsessives and I get the impression that this book is written for those that are interested... particularly those that are interested and can read German.

A box that does something with trams.

I've never met a tram obsessive, but I have met someone who has a friend who is seriously into Trams and as hard as this is to believe, this third person is a German speaker mainly due to the fact that they are German and live in Germany. Unfortunately postage costs tend to discourage even hardened German Tramers from the casual purchase of a book about a neighbouring country's tramways, from downunder (Australia). I have a few other German language tram books currently in stock... What was I thinking?

Another tram

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