Friday, December 12, 2014

Cocktails and Snacks by Andre Launay.

Cocktails and Snacks by Andre Launay. Hardcover book published by Ward Lock 1970, 160 pages with some black and white photographs and illustrations as well as one colour photograph.

COCKTAIL mixing has become a sophisticated art since its birth in the twenties. AndrĂ© Launay presents it here in its most modern form (1970), and in all its variety. The drinks he suggests range from simple to subtle ‘mixes’ for both pre-dinner and after-dinner drinking. Whether conventional or exotic, they all have a tang for the palate to enjoy. So have the snacks which he has devised to go with them. They are just as varied, and cover every kind of snack one may need, from simple sandwiches to luxurious titbits.

Here we are once again hurtling towards the holiday season. Yes it's that time of year when frenzied last minute book buying is followed by the eating and drinking of way too much of each... and this year it's your turn to feed the throng. Before anyone panics let me just say that if this is a problem, it is an easy one to solve, particularly if you are fortunate enough to have a copy of this book in front of you.

So many ideas and so easy to prepare... as long as you have a good supply of toothpicks and sausage.

Please note the peanuts on the tray... yes, vegans are catered for.

You want people to remember this meal and what better way than serving things that you normally eat and know taste good. Toasted sandwiches are easy... you can't go wrong.

… but if you to go the extra few inches, try Mussels with cheese. I personally haven't tried it... but I have eaten mussels and I have eaten cheese and they both taste good to me... so I guess...?

But really, you want to serve something that people will never forgot, something exotic, something special, something pineapple... and I think the Beef Sausage (...yes more sausage...) Open Sandwich is something people will talk about for years to come... that is if they ever talk to you again.

Beef Sausage Open Sandwich

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