Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Victoria's Brown Coal - A Huge Fortune in Chancery

Victoria's Brown Coal - A Huge Fortune in Chancery: The Sir Willis Connolly Memorial Volume, edited by J.T. Woodcock.  Hardcover book published by The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 1984.

As the discussion about a Carbon Tax heats up here in Australia, it somehow seems fitting to write about this book now.  It doesn’t actually look at the issue of nasty polluting emissions from coal burning, but rather the history of the coal industry in Victoria along with some history on the science of coal and other coaly facts and figures.  It seems to have all the information you’ve ever wanted on subjects such as: The early history of Briquettes, The Combustion of Victorian Brown Coal, Geology of Brown Coal Deposits etc etc.  If your into burning coal then this is the book for you… (in other words… Tony Abbott, you may be interested in this book).   

Yallourn A power station soon after completion in the 1920s.

Morwell open cut with the 1600 MW Hazelwood power station in the background.

I wanted to scan a photo which had a power station in full smoking glory, but unfortunately these were the 2 closest images that I could find in this particular book.  Hazelwood is apparently one of the worst offenders for green house gas emissions in Australia and has been described as Australia’s "dirtiest" power generator… this information is not contained in this book… (Tony… this really is the book for you.). 

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