Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chronic transplant dysfunction: Etiology and Pathophysiology Aspects by E.A. Kouwenhoven.

Chronic transplant dysfunction: Etiology and Pathophysiology Aspects by E.A. Kouwenhoven.  Paperback book (no date).

I love DIY books.  The idea of fixing something by yourself with the aid of a book and not having to pay an expensive tradesmen… like the guy who came to fix my tv antenna and charged me $100 for 5 minutes work… and he didn’t even climb up on the roof… (I do now have perfect reception…?).  Anyway... a bit like cook books, there’s the promise of something that you can only ever dream of becoming a reality with your own hands.  All you need is the tools and a few basic skills and whammo, there it is, job complete… oh yeah… and you need the book.  Of course if you don’t follow the instructions, or have an inability to understand the instructions (think Ikea) and don’t have a few basic skills then there is a chance that it will end up being a horrible mess.  So despite a passion for DIY books, I personally don’t feel very comfortable with DIY.  From past experience, it always goes awfully wrong and you guessed it… ends up a horrible mess.  So generally I’m happy for someone with a little more experience… maybe a few basic skills… to perform the job required. 

This book is a very specialised medical text and just glancing at the pages makes my head spin.  Terms like “infiltrating cells” and “adhesion molecule expression” are a little beyond my understanding, but I’m sure that there are some people out there who do understand this sort of thing.  My suggestion for any DIY fans out there is to give this book a miss… trust me… you may want to get someone who knows what they are doing to do the job… a bit like my antenna guy.

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