Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Post-Mortem Technician’s Handbook: A Manual of Mortuary Practice by Bernard Knight.

The Post-Mortem Technician’s Handbook: A Manual of Mortuary Practice by Bernard Knight.  Paperback book published by Blackwell Scientific Publications 1984, 258 pages with some black and white photographs and illustrations. EX LIBRARY

“…with some black and white photographs and illustrations”.  That’s right, some photographs and illustrations…  I feel that I should describe the contents or maybe scan some of the images for this blog post, but i can’t bring myself to relook inside the book to confirm what I have only previously glimpsed, as it is fairly graphic and it’s not really my “thing”.  Not that I’m squeamish or anything like that, it’s just that it’s… ummm… it’s not my “thing” and a quick glance the once is plenty for this slightly, but not prudishly, squeamish bookseller.  So even though I find this subject a little bit… ummm… not “my thing”, I am happy to sell a book such as this.  Actually, I was fairly pleased to have found this title as it’s not that common and it’s a subject matter that is a little unusual in book form.  There are plenty of popular CSI type books that touch upon this subject, but this title is of a more scientific, warts and office management professional type.*

When this book leapt into my hands, I did seriously consider who would be interested in it.  I don’t particularly want to service the needs of serial killers and their associates, so to justify my acquisition, listing** and writing about this book, i figured that anyone wanting to write an authentic crime novel or TV show, could find this title of some use… that’s what I told myself.  I can’t imagine anyone currently studying the fine art of the Post-Mortem being that interested in this 30 year old title, as I’m fairly sure that Post-Mortem technology and methods have changed over the years.  Realistically, going back to my crime writer idea, I’m hoping to cater to the needs of someone writing a crime novel set in 1983.  Not that I know of anyone writing such a book, but if I did, this would be the book for them.

* Blackwell Scientific Publications
** ebay

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